The BRCA Journey Begins


Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


So… if you’ve read my “about me” and “say F**k it” sections, you’ll have a little background about me and my situation. One thing I need to add here is that I started writing my blog in “real time” but on Word, and so its sat in my hard drive for a couple years before a rude awakening in 2018 prompted by my shit storm of a life. So, as this is about my journey, I’ve decided that i’ll be doing a simply copy paste. Hopefully it wont get too confusing now i’ve explained – but send me feedback if you disagree please!

Ultimately, this is about my story;  and so how I actually felt then and my situation at the time will be different to now…but that’s the whole point right? You get to see how things changed as time went on!

Thank you for joining me here on my journey. I’ll take you back to 2016 when I started mine… Its a bit like the ocean – Sometimes unpredictable and downright scary, other times beautiful and truly peaceful.


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