Beginners blog ( 24th April 2017)

I wonder now how tough you have to be to get big things done. – Walter Isaacson

So I decided to try to write a blog because I’ve always been one to write things down to help me deal with them better, I find it helps me make sense of my own head when it feels like the world is getting the better of me. Its so difficult when (quite reasonably!) a fair few of those closest to you don’t understand what a faulty BRCA1 positive means or how it really impacts your day to day life, your thoughts and actions and also your plans for the future. I hoped that writing them down would help me and potentially could help someone else along the way too.

I’m going to give everyone shorthand ID (except me) just so as to not upset anyone along the way…as no one knows i’m writing this. (**edit …obv now everyone knows … d’oh) So i’ll start with me, Carly. I live in Essex’ with my Fiancee (soon to be Husband! Not long now!) and have grown up around here, I love it. We have no kiddies yet, but cannot wait to start a family after we get married this year. We discussed a plan to use PGD, but more on that later. I had my boobs “done” 10 years ago, so have implants at the moment ( I say this as it can change surgery options later down the line, and heck, were here to talk about boobies…).

By way of a brief background of a history of the family, cancer in one way or another has affected several of us, on both my mum and dads sides. When several of the family on mums side, (my maternal family) were diagnosed with breast cancer, all of my Nan and Grandad’s 6 kids decided to have the test for the faulty gene. It turns out 3 of them had it and 3 didn’t, true to the 50/50 chance…although it could have course gone one way or the other, it was just a coincidence; in fact the most recent breast cancer diagnosis was my auntie J who suffered breast cancer a few years ago, yet she was one of the 3 who didn’t inherit the gene. Go figure 😦

My uncle has also recently been told he has a cancerous tumour on his brain and is having radiotherapy, over halfway through treatment and still staying strong. The prognosis for him isn’t great long term, but then again the NHS got so many things wrong with him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he makes a full recovery – I maintain my positivity on this! I’m happy to say that my Auntie is in remission. She’s a very brave and inspirational woman in my life, the other being the Mothership. She gets her own blog entry (if that’s what you call it!??) 🙂

So that’s a very brief overview, I’ll be adding my old writing in date order, and hopefully get up to the present day at some point rather soon. Things have certainly changed around here since I wrote the above, that’s for sure!

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