Saying “F**K IT” helps….

I set up this blog with the intention of reaching out to other young previvours (wow… “Previvours” needs to be added to the Microsoft dictionary ASAP- that red squiggly line can jog on!) who have either been diagnosed with a defective BRCA gene or any other mutation that increases their chance of breast and/or ovarian cancer. Its also to help me by giving me an outlet for all my wonderings and craziness that comes and goes while dealing with this diagnosis. Along the way, I’ve struggled with coming to terms with beingΒ  BRCA1+ and found that writing my thoughts and experiences down has helped me to cope with the emotions and stress that have frustratingly come with it.

Saying “F**k it” out loud also helps sometimes too!

In true “sods law” style, life has a funny way of dealing several low blows in quick succession –Β  leaving you next to no time to get your head around things. Although i’ll primarily be blogging about my chosen journey – which is currently the surveillance route rather than preventative surgery, at this point in time there has been a lot going on for me recently which has spurred me on to writing this blog even more. There’s a few reasons for this, which I will no doubt touch on at some point soon.

Even if this blog helps just one other young previvour realise that they are not alone in this journey, my time here has been well spent… and even if you aren’t a previvour but someone you know has been touched by that bastard “c” word, you may well find this still touches you in some way.

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